by The Bucky Burro Band

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released November 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Retarded Genius Music Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Restless Dreams
When I awaken, in restless dreams,
Hold me tight, through the night.
Keep me safe and warm,
Here within your arms.

Wenn ich erwache, in Träumen bedacht,
      Halt mich fest, durch die Nacht.
Halt mich sicher und warm,
      Hier in deinen Armen. 

(Clarinet solo).

If I am taken, by restless dreams,
Wave goodbye, please don't cry.
I'm forever warm,
Dreaming in your arms.

© 2012 Rick Novak/Ron Zwang
Track Name: Today Is Yesterday Tomorrow
Today is yesterday tomorrow,
Tomorrow is just a dream away.
It never arrives, a cat has nine lives,
But we only live today.
Tomorrow is yesterday today.

Time, it waits for no-one.
You cannot stop the world from spinning 'round, 'round, 'round, 'round.
Rushing to the final showdown,
You'd better find some love before it all comes down, down down.

So feel no pain, feel no sorrow,
Tomorrow's yesterday today.
It's always today.
(Today is yesterday tomorrow.)

© 2011 Rick Novak/Retarded Genius.
Track Name: Emmanuelle (Theme)
Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle,

Here she comes, as she makes her way,
Walkin' through the tourists on the Champs Elysees.
She looks like a model with the wind in her hair,
She could be a superstar, but she just don't care.

She's got that special little "je ne sais quoi"
And a double scoop of "ooo, la, la",
The girl is magnifique,
Tres chic! Ah... Tres chic!

Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle,

In a smokey night club, the "Chez La Vie",
She dances like an angel, in ecstacy.
All the girls get jealous when their boyfriends stare,
It's really kinda silly 'cause she just don't care.

But she's got that special little "je ne sais quoi"
And a double scoop of "ooo, la, la",
The girl is magnifique,
Tres chic!

Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle,

Au naturel, walkin' by the ocean,
Not wearin' anything but suntan lotion.
When God created Woman he had this in mind,
Worshipped by man since the dawn of time.
But to her it's normal, "C'est ordinaire",
She's crazy, to love me, but I don't care!

'Cause I love her special little "je ne sais quoi"
And that double scoop of "ooo, la, la",
My girl is magnifique,
Tres chic! Ah...

Emmanuelle, Emmanuelle....

© 2011 Rick Novak/Retarded Genius Music