What's With That Boy?

by Retarded Genius Music

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released January 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Retarded Genius Music Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: What's With That Boy?
What's With That Boy?

I've got no problems, from the waist down.
I go in and out, and I go 'round and 'round.
But I'm paralyzed, from the waist up,
With this frozen heart, that just don't wanna love.
And my head sits up here watchin', wonderin',
Whether to laugh or cry.
It says, "What's the matter with that boy,
And who's the reason why?"

I know some pretty girls, with pretty smiles,
And it's pretty nice, to have them in my life.
They're so soft and warm, next to this frozen heart,
And we go 'round and 'round, but wind up at the start.
And I'm sure that sometimes they must wonder,
Whether to laugh or cry.
They say, "What's the matter with that boy,
And who's the reason why?"

And my eyes look in the mirror wondering,
Whether to live or die.
They say, "What's the matter with our boy,
And who's the reason why?"
Well, what's the matter with you, boy?
Forget the reason why.

What's the matter with you, boy?
Forget the reason why.

© Rick Novak/Retarded Genius
Track Name: Now And Then
Now And Then

I knew that I was driving you crazy towards the end.
Too far gone as lovers, and I couldn't be your friend.
I still can hear that screen door slam, like it was yesterday.
I'm still tryin' to convince myself, we're better off this way.

Now and then, I wonder where you are.
Now and then, I see a shooting star as it's falling,
And I wonder, were you watching,
Now and then.

I guess my life's turned out OK, in fact I'm doin' real well.
I'm even makin' money, though I'm surprised at that myself!
And I truly hope you're doin' fine, maybe got some kids by now.
I just wish that they'd been mine, if we had worked it out.

Now and then....

I used to check, to see if you were still in the phone book.
But your name had disappeared, the last time that I looked.
I always thought we'd meet again, through some strange destiny.
But life is full of hopes and dreams, just not meant to be.

Now and then....

And I wonder, do you miss me,
Now and then?

© Rick Novak/Retarded Genius.